Our Story: Part 1

Hmmm… where should I start? Let’s see… Chad and I met in 2002 when I began working at Lowes Home Improvement. It was hate at first sight. (Seriously!) We definitely got off to a rocky start. After working together for almost a year and a half we became friends. I was in a bad relationship and Chad helped me through it and subsequently out of it! Most guys would jump at the opportunity of a girl on the rebound… not Chad! When almost 2 weeks of him not asking me out went by I finally asked him … his response “you have to love yourself before you can love someone else.” I was angry!  Who did he think he was?!?
Over the next few months I figured out what he meant and grew to love myself more than I ever thought possible! Finally in May 2004 we began dating! We got engaged November 2005 and Married September 2006.

We had discussed how many children we wanted and agreed on 4. Our dream was to have 2 children and adopt 2 children.
After 6 months we both knew something was wrong and began the long journey to an infertility diagnosis. In June 2007 Chad had a varicocele removed which we hoped would fix our issues. Several tests later concluded that it hadn’t. So after much prayer in February 2008 we began our Invitro-Fertilization journey. In July 2008 I had surgery to remove a septum in my uterus and prayed everything would work out.
We transferred 3 beautiful little embryos in October 2008.

In November 2008 we lost them and found out the other 5 embryos didn’t survive the freeze. We were devastated! We didn’t know what to do next since we financed our IVF cycle through a home equity loan. The night before we lost the triplets this was my journal entry…

So tomorrow is our BIG DAY!!! Wow we will get the news in 15 hours!! I am freaking’ out… I said a prayer today that we have a positive pregnancy test and as many babies as the Lord feels we are meant to have. I know we will be blessed our Lord has never let us down and no matter what happens he is always there to hold our hand. Thank you Lord for all you do for us and all you have planned for us. Amen

Moving Forward…
In February 2009 we decided God did have a plan for the way our family would begin. Since Adoption was always in the cards for us we figured we would cut the deck and begin our Adoption journey.
Neither Chad or I knew the first thing about Adoption so I began researching and researching!
Initially I considered an identified adoption the low-cost appealed to me and seemed easy enough (I look back and laugh at how naive I was!) Then by the Grace of God in June of 2009 I came across Adoption Answer…

The logo stood out to me and made me smile! The website was great and answered a lot of questions for me, but I didn’t want to hire an expensive agency.  Reluctantly I dialed the number. Standing at the car wash cleaning out my car that we were going to trade in because I couldn’t stand to look in the backseat knowing we purchased it because it fit 3 infant car seats:(
The most sweetest and kindest voice I had heard since my mother passed away answered, “Adoption Answer this is Michelle.” I was blown away many times over the next hour as I sat in the passenger seat of my car with all the doors open. The grace and genuine love this woman, I proudly now call my friend, exuded was amazing! I felt so at peace and ready to start the process without a second thought. As I floated home with a huge smile on my face and in my heart, I knew this was the path God had been guiding us down all along!
Now to convince Chad…
My husband is a very cautious man. Jumping into something after one phone call was not his cup of tea. Mine either but after my conversation with Michelle my mind was made.
(That’s the day Chad now says I began to change from the girl he fell in love with to the woman he loves today!)
I was bound and determined to get him on board!
So I researched the heck out of Adoption Answer! I presented him with everything from BBB to testimonials! He said ok I’ll talk to them. We had a conference call with Michelle and I am pretty sure Chad fell in love! Lol! We were on the same page so we decided Adoption Answer was the way to go.
On June 17th our lives turned upside down when Michelle called me and asked me if we had a profile yet…We didn’t!! She asked me to put one together and get it to her! She was meeting with a birthmother and wanted to show her our profile!
As we scrounged around looking for pictures, not on the computer infected with a virus, we found 5! 5 pictures what was I going to do with 5 pictures????? What I did was a 2 page document with pictures strategically placed… It was atrocious! I was mortified but didn’t have any other options. So I said a little prayer and emailed it to Michelle!  She presented our profile to Kristin a few days later and she loved it! Michelle told us that she would be in touch with us once Kristin made a decision.
It’s Happening…
On July 1st Michelle called and told me that Kristin had chosen us! I bought a pair of yellow baby booties! they were sooo tiny.
I got home and handed Chad the bag he said what is this. I just said “Open It” He opened the bag and looked inside but could not see anything. So he pulled out the tissue paper and looked at me he asked what they were for I said “Our baby!! She picked us!!” Chad just looked at me dumbfounded. We cried and hugged and prayed!



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  1. Michelle Hogan
    Jun 19, 2012 @ 20:47:29

    I love your story!!!


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