Our Story: Part 2

We flew to California 2 weeks later for my uncles wedding and set up a meeting with her and Michelle.

We got to the restaurant early so we went into a coffee shop near by so I could freshen up. When I came out of the bathroom Chad was standing there with a cinnamon roll and bottled water. I said what are you doing we are going to eat lunch. He said I don’t know I think I want this. We just laughed at each other.
We walked across to the California Pizza Kitchen and Michelle was waiting for us on a bench outside. When we hugged I could just tell that she is genuine. We spoke for a bit on the bench waiting on Kristin  and for the restaurant to open. Chad and I were holding hands when Kristin walked up, we kept squeezing each other hands as she approached. Chad said, “Can I hug you?” she laughed and said yes when I hugged her- it was like hugging an angel- all my stress dissipated.
We talked so much that our waiter came to the table three times for our order and we had not even looked at the menu.  Kristin showed us pictures of her growing up. Her mother had made her a beautiful scrapbook. We showed her our wedding album and talked some more. Then Michelle asked Kristin if she had any questions for us. She said she did and then proceeded to ask the most amazing questions. She is such a brilliant girl!!! We have formed a great connection with her. We talked for so long mainly because Chad and I do not know the meaning of short answer!!! We answered her questions honestly and I think she was pleased with our answers. We took some pictures together and she then invited us to her ultrasound on Tuesday. She said she felt weird asking us because she is still not 100% sure. We told her that no matter what we want to be there for her and be her support. She seemed happy that we wanted to go with her.  We can’t wait!!!

On the drive home Chad and I prayed for guidance. We just don’t know what is going to happen but we do know whatever it is the Lord will bless us.  Just got a text from Michelle:
“That was a remarkable experience! I just left you a message- the whole family is excited to meet you. Would you like to join them for dinner on Monday at their home? You can even stay with them overnight to go to ultrasound on Tues? They have guest bedroom. No pressure on you –they are just nice people…Like you!!!”

OMG that is the craziest thing I have ever heard!!!!!! We are so excited! We were not expecting that at all!!
Chad and I are going to agree to the dinner and we will see how staying at their house feels. It is 2 hours away but we don’t want to be uncomfortable. We are so blessed and can’t wait to meet the family!!
Got a call from Michelle she spoke with Kristin and her parents and they preferred for us to have lunch after the ultrasound so that we don’t feel pressured to stay. Chad and I agreed that we felt more comfortable with this.

The wedding was beautiful!
We got some sight seeing in as well 🙂
And Chad even ate octopus!!!

Driving to Chino Hills… We are very excited. Getting lost stupid GPS!!! We are here!!!
Kristin and her mom were waiting inside when we arrived. We all walked into the exam room and Chad said that he would wait in the hallway. Kristin laughed and said, “Once I am on the table you can come in.” So we chatted a bit before the doctor came in, it was so nice to see Kristin again.
The doctor came in and started the ultrasound. Kristin’s mom opened the door and let Chad in. I put my hand on Kristin’s shoulder and we all anxiously watched the monitor. The doctor asked us if we wanted to know the sex and Chad and I both said no. The Dr. said, “Well I have to look, so you may want to look away.” Chad and I turned around and faced the door. The doctor continued and Kristin said, “Is it a boy? I mean what is it ummm sorry.” We all laughed! I asked Chad if he wanted to find out for sure and he said yes. So we turned back around and said we wanted to know. The doctor said to Kristin, “Go ahead you can tell them.” She said, “I still don’t know what it is!!” we all laughed again and the Doctor said “Congratulations it’s a boy!!!” Chad and I looked at each other and just smiled. We wanted to jump up and down but we remained calm!!!On the drive to Kristin’s house we called Michelle and told her everything. She said she already knew because Kristin had called her and told her everything!! When we got to the house Chad and I took a deep breath and walked in. Kristin’s Grandmother was such a sweet lady. She told some funny stories too, we really liked her. We talked about a lot of different things. We ate lunch and then Kristin’s dad came home we talked some more.
Kristin had a class to go to at the pregnancy center so we headed back to uncle johns. We gave her a huge hug and told her that if she needed to talk to us or wanted to get together again we would be in town for a few more days. She thanked us and we left. On the drive home Chad and I talked to each other a mile a minute. We talked about all the possibilities and how much we love Kristin. We were on cloud nine for the rest of the day!!!

The next few months were a blur. But on November 2nd we flew out to California.

                                   Zakai Joseph Kaidon Williams was born on
November 4th 2009 @11:56pm 7lbs 6oz 21in!

He is such a blessing to us and everyone that meets him.
We continue to grow our relationship with Kristin. We cherish her and pray for her everyday!  Words can never describe the love we feel for her!

image August 2010


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