Even though our family didnt grow… We Did! {post 2 of 2}

After we walked out of the hospital in South Carolina, we thought it would be best to wait a little while and then sign up with Adoption Answer.
But in February we were contacted by my friend “K” asking if we were still interested in adopting. (quick back story: in October we were contacted by “C” asking if she could forward our profile to a friend of hers “K” that knew of a birthmother “P” looking to place-we said yes. She ultimately chose to parent and we were very happy for her) We told “K” that we were still interested and she told us that “P” had her baby on January 28th and was interested in meeting with us. Long story short (the details do not matter honestly.) I met her, fell in love with her and we are still friends – she is raising her family and is an awesome Momma:)

Only 3 HOURS after “P” told us she was going to continue to parent her little princess, We got a call from “H” she was a friend of “T” (SC birthmother) that we met in the hospital –are you still with me??
She said she was pregnant and couldn’t keep this baby as she was already parenting her 15 month old son with her boyfriend (T’s Cousin). They discussed adoption and only wanted to place with us. We spoke for a few weeks and then she stopped returning my calls and texts. We gave her some time and after a month of no contact we assumed she was no longer interesting in placing with us. I sent her a text on April 13th again no response. Then on April 17th I received a text that just said “sorry we just can’t do it.” I replied to her but she never responded…

Low and behold on 15 MINUTES later I received a Facebook message from an old High School friend telling me about her cousins friends sister- (you can’t make this stuff up!!!) She had a baby on the 13th and was wanting to place. I again sent our profile but found out she had already chosen a family.

I needed a break…but of course on April 26th I received a call from one of my Adoption Answer families. They had a family friend that was pregnant and interested in placing. They were not ready for # 2 just yet so she contacted us. We forwarded our profile. The birthparents loved our profile so we waited. 3 weeks later they decided to parent… which I totally respect. They are in a committed relationship and they will be fine.

So here we are BETTER than we’ve ever been, Lots of experience under our belts and the Lord is just preparing us!
We are NOW an officially waiting family with Adoption Answer!
I feel a great sense of peace just knowing we are not doing this on our own! I knew 3 years ago I couldn’t do it I should have stuck with my gut huh?
But the Lord put us where he needed us and we have learned SO much from every situation. I know that it has made me a better coordinator for Adoption Answer. I know the pain of handing a baby back. (hurts like nothing I have ever felt before) But now I’ve had a tiny (very tiny) glimpse into how a birthmother feels when placing. Also for couples that come to Adoption Answer after enduring that type of loss, before I never knew how that felt – now I have the scars to show it. I will gladly take those scars if it means it makes me better!

Although we are still just 3 our Family has GROWN immensely!

Part 3


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  1. laurie Brinkworth
    Jul 25, 2012 @ 17:49:17

    Damn it Ashley I end up bawling my eyes out everytime I read one of your blog posts


  2. P
    Aug 03, 2012 @ 16:29:38

    Thanks so much for your kind words ma’am! I know now that people are placed in your lives for reasons, I just wish we would have met under different circumstances :(. Although, you will always have a place in my heart. That lunch, the talk, the things you said… they stuck with me! Some days I wonder if the counselor would have told you about me emailing a long time ago, if things would have been different! But, I didn’t know that y’all were matched with ‘T’. Y’all deserve the world and are such awesome people. When my daughters grow up, I hope they meet a man like Chad. 🙂 Xo


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