He melts my heart ♥

I have been blessed to be Kai’s mommy for 2 years and 8 months!
He is a typical 2 year old -testing his boundaries, tantrums, grumpy etc. You know the fun stuff!

On Thursday I promised him we would go swimming.
All morning he asked “ready go mommy?” He was clearly very excited. The whole drive to the pool he shouted “Hooray! I go swimmmmming!!!” As we were walking across the parking lot to the pool Kai squeezed my hand and said, “mommy….?” I said, “yes buddy?”
“I Love You!”
My happy mommy heart skipped a beat!! He always responds to I love you but this was on his own! I cried like a baby! Kai looked at me with his little worried face and said, “you crying mommy? No cry it be ok.” Of course I cried more… I picked him up and told him I loved him so much. I kissed him all over and told him he was the best boy ever! I said I am so happy to be your mommy!  He said, “ok mommy go swimming!”
Oh my bad Kai!  So we went swimming!

I remember the horrible feeling of hopelessness that we wouldn’t be parents after losing our triplets…
Then exactly one year after our miscarraige, the most perfect little boy was placed in my arms by his amazing birthmother!
I never imagined my life could be so blessed by one little man that loves me more then anything (well maybe not more then ironman- but I’ll take it)

An adoptive mommy friend of mine shared a quote with me that was so true of our journey to parenthood!

“It will all be ok in the end. If it’s not ok…it’s not the end!”

So very true Katie!:)



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