Adoption is the new pregnant

First of all I loathe that saying! Its not new its not a trendy thing. Ugh well anyway. It worked as a title for this post:)
Adoptive mommas- have you ever found yourself chatting with a group of women at a party, at work, at the park and BAM all the sudden they are throwing out words like placenta, stretchmarks, swollen ankles, episiotomy around. You start to look for a way to run without being seen.
*Where is the bathroom?*
*Um I’m suddenly hungry be right back…*
*Is that an earthquake I’m going to find a doorway!*
Anything to get away from this conversation you feel totally lost in!!
NO you sit your butt down and listen intently to all the things you dodged the bullet on!
Been there a million times!
When we were attempting to grow our family all YES all of my friends were pregnant or just had babies. It was ROUGH. Then it got much harder after we lost our triplets.
But I stayed I listen I laughed and I learned…
Better them then me!!
Would I have loved to be pregnant – probably…
Would I have loved to have birth a child – verdict is still out on that one lol…

When we finally had our beautiful perfect son in our arms – I could care less about mucous plugs and braxton hicks contractions… all of my friends weren’t pregnant anymore and their babies were older so Kai became the center of attention! Perfect timing;)
So in conclusion…Kai is perfect and the way he got here (in my eyes) is way cooler:)
Oh and after learning all the horrible pregnancy and delivery stuff I loved Kristin even more ♥!!



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