My life is not what I dreamed it would be…

I had a plan…
I was going to go to Humboldt state university in California and become a zoologist.
I was going to live in California and work at the San Diego Zoo preferably with monkeys and giraffes.

I wanted a huge house in a close knit community with lots of shops close by that were in walking distance (think Gilmore girls)

My hope was I would be married at 23 to a great guy…
Here was my list of requirements!
Tan, my height or taller, bald or very little hair dark, funny, loves animals, rubs my feet, likes the beach but loves the mountains, handsome, adventurous, can make any situation fun, wants lots of kids, smart, loves his mother, athletic, loves food, can fix anything, is my best friend and encourages my dreams…(wow that was a tall order!)

I also wanted 4-6 kids! Hahaha I know crazy! But it was just my sister and I, I always wondered what it would’ve been like to have more siblings -mom always told me the baby factory was closed- to which I countered with “lets adopt!” That was shot down as well. I told her that I was going to adopt one day she said “go right ahead 2 is enough for me!”

I knew I wanted to be a mom from the second I knew I could be a mom. My mom told me a story once: I was 7 years old and our neighbor had just had a baby. I was so excited to see the baby so we walked down the block to their house. As we walked IĀ  jabbered on about everything under the sun (I was quite the talker) mom said she got really good at tuning me out- nice mom real nice šŸ™‚ anyway we were almost at the house and I said I want a baby. Mom stopped in her tracks and said well you are just a little too young to have a baby. I looked at her very confused as she explained that I would need to be older and in a loving relationship like Jessica and Mike (our neighbors) I shook my head yes a few times and then said “well that’s what I want to be when I grow up-a mommy!” She smiled and said “its the best job in the world! ” and she was right!!

Ok back on track šŸ™‚
I also wanted a house full of dogs and a barn full of horses.
Preferably all grey horses (a little obsession I have)
And lastly, I would teach lessons on the weekends and work at the zoo during the week (& have energy for 6 kids… sounds like fun!)

With all that said… I am glad God had a better plan for me!
I did however get the husband I dreamed of:) He just so happens to be “tan” (lol) and although he doesn’t love animals he does like them!! I love my husband, my son (my monkey!), the way we became a family, my job and my life- wouldn’t change a thing:)



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