Day 18: Thank you Mom & Dad

When we moved to NC I was 18. I was extremely upset with my parents for “ripping me away from the only home I’d ever known!” Not to mention my friends my boyfriend, my family …… I kept saying I was going back to Long Island for school. Then my mother offered to send me to Europe for riding school I was sold anything to get out of NC!  Only 3 weeks later September 11th happened and she was not letting me leave her sight!
I could not imagine my life any different then it is today! If I had gone to Europe for 8 months I would have missed some amazing time with my Mom… I wouldn’t have met my jerk of an ex-boyfriend which led me to meeting the man of my dreams, we wouldn’t have Kai and that is something I could never imagine, I wouldn’t have my amazing best friend and the list goes on and on!
So I guess this is my Thank you to my Mom & Dad for “ripping me away from the only home I’ve ever known, and putting me into the only place I ever want to be!”



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