Day 19: Thankful for my jobs!

After moving to NC I was so angry at my parents (see previous post) that I was going to do anything to get out of NC! But I didn’t know what I wanted to do or be:/

Trying to help me decide, My mother said to me,
“Ashlene, don’t just do what you love… do what you would do for free if money wasn’t an issue.”
At 18 I thought my mother was high! “Mom, who would work for free!?!?”
She shook her head and smiled, “one day you’ll get it baby, one day…”

About 3 years ago I got it!
I became a mom (oh wait I do that for free!) But I get the feeling she meant motherhood as well as a career good one mom!

Then again I got it a month after kai was born and Michelle asked me to work for her at Adoption Answer as an Adoption Coordinator. I love adoption 🙂 Holding a birthmothers hand as we witness a couple become a family is by far the most amazing experience I’ve ever had I would so do this job for free. But didn’t I say….”Mom, who would  work for free!?!?” Oh to be young and foolish!

Once again I got it in July 2010 when I finally began working as a massage therapist at firstspa. This was really my “ah-ha” moment! Helping people feel better is so rewarding!!! I was also getting paid a substantial amount more then I ever had before and yet I really would do it for free! Yes the paycheck and tips are nice but I never looked forward to payday like I had so many times before! Many a times I would say oh yesterday was payday? Weird!!!

My most recent Got it moment came on October 2nd of this year. I became an Independent Designer for Origami Owl. I love designing
Living Lockets for people!

I love helping people and all of my jobs allow me to do that!

So my Mom wasn’t “high” she was Right! Wish she was around to say I told ya so. But I know she is looking down with a beautiful smile on her face saying “you got it baby, you got it!”


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