Cozywoggle = Genius

So I have this really awesome friend… she also happens to be an adoptive momma to 2 beautiful little boys!
This awesome friends name is Cherlyn. One day she decided she was done being frustrated with car seats in the winter and keeping her babies warm.


So she created the Cozywoggle a car seat safe coat!

“The Cozywoggle (patent pending and crash tested) is a coat that is designed not to interfere with the harness system of a car seat. Keeping kids safe, while convenient for parents and comfortable for kids.”

The moment she told me about her invention I knew it was a genius idea! I’ve been there… it’s cold you’re in a rush, you bundle your kid up plop them in the car seat, struggle with the straps and go about your day. Since learning about the dangers of this VERY COMMON practice I have taken the extra time to put Kai in his car seat without a coat. I cannot wait to get my coat!

A particular quote from. Cherlyn still gives me pause every time I strap Kai into his seat…

“No one plans to be in a car accident. You should buckle your child into their seat as if you are going to be in an accident…”


You can see how it works here->Watch the video

Learn more about safety on her page.
Find Cozywoggle on Facebook!

Tell her you heard about the Cozywoggle from Let Love In!



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