The Call… well it was a text; )

Thursday May 2nd I was sitting in the chair at Paper Rock Scissors getting my hair done…. (beep beep buzzz)

“I’m being induced Sunday!!!!!”

I was in shock:)
The next day was a blur… and we packed WAY too much!


We left NC on Saturday May 4th at 1:30pm and headed to Mt. Vernon (our friends cabin gifted to is for however long we needed it!) We got in around midnight and meandered our way to the secluded cabin guided by our very awesome friend Kathy!


We got to Katies friends apartment at 4 and just hung out for a bit. Then we drove to the hospital with Katie & her friend Heather.


We sat in the waiting room forever while she was being triaged but her friend came in with an update every 30 mins. She was so sweet. Katie told the hospital who we were and what the plan was:)  Her friend was acting as her advocate and I told her she is like our little social worker. She said cool thats what she wants to be!


Daddy to be d was exhausted

Once Katie got a room we all piled in ; ) checking in with Katie to make sure she was okay with us being there. She was so amazing to us. We just wanted to make sure she was completely comfortable with us there.
They started Cervidral at 9:30pm and told us all to go to sleep!


So Chad obliged!

To be continued….


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