Who loves hospitals. ..

Not us that’s for sure! Especially Illinois Masonic particularly the labor & delivery staff!
They were just horrible.
They acted like we were baby snatchers! They treated Katie like crap and asked very personal & medically unnecessary questions!
On Monday May 6th at 2:00 after she received her epidural (3 attempts to get it in!)she still felt intense pain and they brushed her off for over 8 hours! She delivered her daughter 2 1/2 years prior without an epidural so she knew what labor without an epidural felt like and this was it! Yet they insisted she was fine and would increase the dosage when she would complain which only made her vomit violently -still no effect on the pain! We turned the lights off, she laid down, we were all quiet and tiptoed around Katie as to not disturb her. She was so distraught looking and in such pain I was livid and asked and begged every nurse, doctor etc if there was anything they could do. The staff didn’t like that we were there already and from that point on we overheard them referring to as that lady & the black guy. Whatever people get over yourselves and help this woman!

Finally a nurse that seemed like she gave a damn came on shift and asked an experienced anesthesiologist to come check it. When he did he informed us all that it was not in… and all medication was being delivered SubQ! (Into her skin)
I was furious but kept my cool because Katie was angry enough for everyone!  :/

I have a picture but won’t gross you out with that!

At 7:45 We stepped out and 45minutes later when we opened the door cautiously and quietly we heard laughter on the other side! The happy Katie was back! All the lights were ablaze and she was sitting up in bed and smiling!  What a relief:)
For the next few hours we all laughed and joked. The highlight of the day was watching her contractions that she couldn’t feel which we all found hilarious! The doctor checked her and she was only 5cm. We thought for sure she would be further along. Then Katie ordered us to eat (we all felt bad to eat in front of her) so we got a pizza at 10pm!

At about 11:20 a bunch of doctors and nurses rushed in to the room, flipped Katie on her side, put an oxygen mask on her and told her to sign a c-section consent form! We were all in shock I looked over at monitors and the babies heart rate had dropped to 50 and was not going back up. Katie stared at me and looked terrified and said I’m scared! I said you are ok the baby is ok they will do whatever they need to to keep you both safe. I kissed her hand and they whisked her out of the room with the doctor kneeling on the end of her bed! As they left the last reading on the monitor was 24!!! I heard the doctor say she’s an 8/9!
As soon as the door closed to the room I lost it! I was hysterical and Chad grabbed me and said you know what we need to do… he sat me down and grabbed my hand and Heather’s hand and began to pray!
I then began texting everyone to pray.
At 11:25 (yes 5 mins later!) A nurse swung the door open and said “she’s complete & pushing!” We all stood there in shock. “So pack up this room you’ll be moving across the hall as soon as she is out of the O.R.” She left as quickly as she came in and we scurried around getting our stuff together!
At 11:33 another nurse burst in and said “congratulations it’s a girl!” Again we stood in shock then we hugged laughed cried and almost in unison said “How’s Katie?” She said she and baby were fine but a neonatologist was checking baby out.
Within 15 mins they came to shuffle us across the hallway to see Katie. When we walked in she said “wow, hey!” I said “Katie! I was just holding your puke bucket! How is the baby here already!?” We all laughed. We asked her how she was and she said she was good but I could tell a million things were going through her head. We all heard the baby crying in hallway and nurse came in to let us know that the baby would be in in a second. I asked Katie if she had seen her yet & she said only for a second. At that point I looked at Chad and said we will step out so you can see her first and have time with her. She started to cry. We hugged her and walked out into the hallway. We stood with our backs to the wall of her room and within seconds heard the baby crying on the other side of the wall. I was dying to bust in the room but knew that this was precious time for Katie.


About 10 minutes later (felt like 100) Heather peeked her head out the door and said “she wants you to come in now” I said “are you sure?” And Katie said “get in here you two!”
When we walked in we saw the most beautiful baby girl in the world in the arms of one of the bravest women we knew. She began to cry again. I was dying inside and just wanted to make her pain go away-but I knew there was nothing I could have done to make it go away.


We all oooo’d and aaaah’d at this beautiful little girl. When the nurse came in to get her to bathe her I asked if they could do it I’m the room. I got a sharp “no” so I straddled the door frame and video taped it while giving Katie the play by play! While the nurse bathed her she began to ask me a series of rude and unnecessary questions. I tried my best to deflect her and not ruin this moment I was enjoying.


After lots of arguing with the nursing staff they gave us a room since Katie wanted the baby to stay with us the first night. We wheeled Katie to her room then they took us up to our room on the pediatric floor. We were preparing to settle in and they told Chad he couldnt stay in the room with us but had to sleep in the waiting room. It was like 2am at this point… we were too tired to argue!


The next morning Katie came up to our room and hung out.
We hung out in our room everyday because the staff informed us they would not move the baby to Katie’s room. They had not told us this when we were discussing the room situation earlier. Katie shrugged it off and said ‘well if they need to check me I’ll be up here!’ Which her nurses did;)


The follow day the hospital photographer came in to do pictures. Chad and I took that time to get food, do some shopping and to give Katie some time with Chalynn.


To be continued…


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