Visits part 1

I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome our last visit with Belly Kristin was! But I’ll try 😉

Her plane was scheduled to arrive at 4:15pm in Raleigh. I rushed to get to the airport (because yes I’m late for everything!) I picked Kai up from pre-k and safely drove a bit above the speed limit to RDU airport. I made the decision to leave a Chay at daycare because I was running late (I knew I’d be back in plenty of time to pick her up. . .)
The GPS was taunting me the whole way with “estimated arrival time 4:45pm” as the daughter of a retired police officer I see “time to beat 4:45pm” lol. Annnyywaaay
I screeched pulled into the pickup line at 4:22pm. (take that GPS) I picked up my phone to text Kristin that we were here and the lovely security guard tapped in my window. He asked me flight # & I told him he said “it’s delayed keep moving.”
Lovely man I tell you just lovely. As I drive off Kai was not happy he said NO! You forgot Belly Kristin!”
Then my phone rang her Mom was calling me.
I answer and Jan asked me if I knew why her plane was diverted to Dulles.
I looked at the sky it was a little cloudy but clear blue beyond that. I told her I would find out.  Kristin’s Dad was on hold with the airline to find out what was going on.
I parked on the top of a parking garage near the terminal to get service as I searched on the website to see what was going on.
With on huge lightning bolt the torrential downpour began.  I quickly drove below and parked directly across from the terminal.
Her mom called me to tell me that the diversion was due to weather. I told her about the storm that had just hit. They made several attempts to land and needed to refuel. They would be back in the sky in 40 mins.
I told Kai what was going on and he proceeded to tell me “you went to the wrong airport! We got to just drive to the other airport!”

Our next update was they were unboarding the plane as it would be at least 2 hours before they were ready to take off.
I spoke with Kristin briefly because get phone was dying. I said we’ll be here when you get here!
I decided to take my very upset little man into the terminal so he could stretch out his legs and mommy could get a coffee!
The following fun ensued….


Things you learn at an airport with a 4 yr old:
•Elevator & Escalator rhyme
•Airports are BORING
•Airport pizza is delicious
•The Mommy, Daddy & Kid potty is like a house (family restroom)
•Waiting is BoRiNg
•Frozen hot chocolate with chocolate chips is pretty good
•Dinosaurs are not alive no more
•Jesus is making a lot of rain come out of the sky
•Kai is 5
•Kneeling in elevators makes it funner
•Belly Kristin’s plane is slow
•Riding the Escalator is fun

image Eating Chocolate at 8:45pm is a great parenting decision!

image Waiting patiently. . .

image I think I see them!

Watch the video of them reuniting 🙂
They ARE Here!

>image Belly Kristin & Aliyah are HERE!

image Nice to meet you:)

image Let’s get out of here!

☆ Oh don’t worry daddy picked Chalynn up from daycare! ☆

We loaded up the car and headed to Kristin’s hotel 🙂
Aliyah and Kai had such an instant connection it was beautiful!
image LOVE

To Be

They ARE Here!


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